Indoor Lighting

industrial lighting

Industrial Environments

Factories, warehousing operations, and shipping companies receive the greatest benefits from lighting that cuts power costs and provides superior, supportive task lighting. This is both a matter of focus and safety in industrial environments. Shadows constitute trip hazards in warehouses and factories, and glare can create an equally perilous situation. For shipping/receiving, manufacturing, and material handling facilities, it is imperative to think SAFETY and CONSERVATION with every light fixture selected.

display lighting


Retailers must have commercial indoor lights that produce the very best CRI that will fully magnify the colors of products on shelves and to showcase anything of importance that has been placed in its own display. They also need multiple layers of light, normally at least two, to effectively showcase both their floor space and specific products that are intended to be differentiated from general product selection. It is paramount to do this as cost-effectively as possible.

office lighting

Commercial Offices

Office personnel work best in an environment under lighting that is both task and decoratively oriented. Usually this involves multiple layers of both direct and indirect light, and it almost always requires more than one lighting option. Commercial lighting controls help to regulate both lighting levels and the consumption of electricity. They also enable certain specialty rooms to function in a multi-dimensional capacity. The ability to both control the overall level of light and directly manipulate layers and colors of light is vital to the effective presentation and utilization of the company conference room.



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